Gabriel Abed

Many people set goals in order to succeed in life. To achieve those goals one has to start at a point and work towards that ultimate dream. I have been fortunate that living in Barbados within a small society I can envision a great deal more than others can. My education at Queen's College (Barbados) gave me a glimpse into the computer world. I further pursued this by obtaining my Associate Degree in Computer Studies at the Barbados Community College. At the College, I was exposed to the real working world as part of their internship program. The chosen company, Points Solution Incorporated, was in its infancy and this worked to my advantage. I learnt many new computer programs, worked with new types of hardware and worked in areas that I could not have learnt in any classroom setting. This confidence led me to teach myself other area of the computer arena. Before long I was designing and building websites for reputable companies. I knew, however, that without a university degree I could not get any further...

My long term education goal is to graduate from a reputable Canadian university (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) with an honours standing in Information Technology with a Business background. While studying in Canada, I would like to continue working just for the experience, even in non-related fields. I plan to continue doing volunteer work as I have done in the past. Volunteering with the Cancer Society in their Fund Raising drive has enabled me to give back to a needy and worthwhile cause. Also, assisting organizations and schools with their website and other computer related issues has aided me considerably, and allowed me to meet people of all walks of life. In fact, living in a whole new country is a learning experience in itself.

My long term life goal is to be successful at whatever avenue I decide to pursue in. After all, Success and knowledge go hand in hand. In the future, I want to start my own business; however, the type of business is unknown. As for now, I am pursuing my education and then where ever my feet take me next, will be the new point of my concentration...
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Issam Abed

Having built my first carburrator when I was 5 years old (with the aid of my father),I knew I was destined to build things for the rest of my life.I worked alongside my father from since I was 8 maintaing and repairing vehicles of all makes but I always had a passion for construction which led me to where I am today. When I first attended University I persued a degree in Mechanical Engineering but after 2 years I found myself wanting more,later I transfered into Civil Engineering and have been there ever since with 1 semester to go before I graduate.

My long term goal is to be happy. Money will always come and go but if your making money enjoying something you love then the happyness will be there.

Anthony Abed

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Paul Abed

Throughout my life I've always tried to set goals which at first, seemed difficult, but I always strived to achieve great things no matter what. When I finally achieved what I struggled with before, I would set newer and harder goals. I now look back as those milestones with new found strengths and experiences, and continue to feel “hungry” for what is the next set of objectives that I must achieve, and this is how I characterize my life; The undying urge for success, excellence, happiness and to have a business with my brothers which we can call our own, Abed Inc.

I have achieved my Bachelors of Science in Physics and am currently working for Super Power-Inc. a spin off of Intermagnetics General Corporation, which was spun off of G.E. I work as a Process Technician for the Silver Sputter Department; my field greatly correlates to the thin films industry such as the semiconductor industry, and photovoltaic cells. I am working on building my experience so that I may once again find the next great challenge that I set for myself. My long term goal is to be rich in all my endeavors of life.